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Crowded House Deluxe Editions and Reissued vinyl

An update on the release schedule, just confirmed:
Australia and NZ: CDs, Vinyl, downloads and streaming available now. “Time On Earth” CDs should be out next week, while the vinyl’s looking like December.

UK, Canada and Europe: The CD Deluxes and vinyl will be released by next Friday Nov 11th. “Time On Earth” vinyl might be December. Downloads and streaming available now.

US: The CD and vinyl titles have been moved to December whilst they await stock. They expect it sooner, and will be updating us next week. “Time On Earth” vinyl might be slightly later than the others. Downloads and streaming available now.

Other countries: CDs and vinyl (except for “Time On Earth” vinyl at this stage) are available for importing via www.crowdedhouse.com and other online sites, if they’re not released in local stores. Downloads and streaming available now.

Sorry for the wait. In the meantime, we’ll continue to bring you audio and video goodies here at neilfinn.com and the Neil Finn and Crowded House Facebook pages. More coming later today.

See more info about the releases here and at crowdedhouse.com

See the video mini-documentaries here in The Diary and on Crowded House Facebook.

Team NF.