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Crowded House bonus disc songwriter credits

CROWDED HOUSE bonus disc
01. Something So Strong (home demo) Neil Finn
02. Hole In The River (studio demo) Neil Finn/Eddie Rayner/Paul Hester
03. Love You ‘Til The Day I Die (home demo) Neil Finn
04. That’s What I Call Love (studio demo) Paul Hester/Neil Finn
05. Can’t Carry On (studio demo) Neil Finn
06. Walking On The Pier (studio demo) Neil Finn
07. Does Anyone Here Understand My Girlfriend (studio demo) Paul Hester
08. Oblivion (studio demo) Neil Finn
09. Walking On The Spot (studio demo) Neil Finn
10. Something So Strong (studio demo) Neil Finn
11. Now We’re Getting Somewhere (studio demo) Neil Finn
12. Stranger Underneath Your Skin (home demo) Neil Finn
13. Don’t Dream It’s Over (home demo) Neil Finn
14. Left Hand (live) Neil Finn
15. Grabbing By The Handful (live) Neil Finn/Paul Hester/Craig Hooper/Nick Seymour
16. World Where You Live (writing demo) Neil Finn
17. Recurring Dream (original version) * Neil Finn/Paul Hester/Craig Hooper/Nick Seymour
* previously released
TEMPLE OF LOW MEN bonus disc
01. Whispers and Moans (home demo) Neil Finn
02. Never Be The Same (home demo) Neil Finn
03. Dream On (home demo) Neil Finn
04. Never Been Born (rehearsal excerpt) Neil Finn
05. Think I’m Gonna Change (home demo) Neil Finn
06. Into Temptation (home demo) Neil Finn
07. Fire Will Keep Me Warm (In The Lowlands home demo) Neil Finn
08. Love This Life (home demo) Neil Finn
09. Sister Madly (studio out-takes) Neil Finn
10. Mansion In The Slums (live) * Neil Finn
11. This Is Massive (live) * Paul Hester
12. Love This Life (live) Neil Finn
13. In The Lowlands (live) * Neil Finn
14. I Feel Possessed (live) Neil Finn
15. Burnt Out Tree (live) Neil Finn
16. Mr Tambourine Man (live) * Bob Dylan
17. Eight Miles High (live) * Gene Clark/Jim McGuinn/David Crosby
18. So You Want To Be A Rock’n’Roll Star (live) * Jim McGunn/Chris Hillman
19. When You Come (live) Neil Finn
20. Sister Madly (live) * Neil Finn
21. Better Be Home Soon (live) Neil Finn
* previously released B-sides
WOODFACE bonus disc
01. Burnt Out Tree (home demo) Neil Finn
02. I May Be Late (home demo) Neil Finn
03. She Goes On (home demo) Neil Finn
04. As Sure As I Am (home demo) Neil Finn
05. My Legs Are Gone (studio) Neil Finn
06. You Got Me Going (home demo) Neil Finn
07. Italian Plastic (home demo) Paul Hester
08. Be My Guest (home demo) Neil Finn
09. Weather With You (home demo) * Neil Finn/Tim Finn
10. Chocolate Cake (home demo) * Neil Finn/Tim Finn
11. How Will You Go (home demo) * Neil Finn/Tim Finn
12. It’s Only Natural (home demo) * Neil Finn/Tim Finn
13. Four Seasons In One Day (home demo) * Neil Finn/Tim Finn
14. There Goes God (home demo) * Neil Finn/Tim Finn
15. Catherine Wheel (home demo) * Neil Finn/Tim Finn
16. All I Ask (home demo) Neil Finn/Tim Finn
17. Fields Are Full Of Your Kind Neil Finn
18. Creek Song/Left Hand Neil Finn/Paul Hester
19. Fall At Your Feet (early version rehearsal) Neil Finn
20. The Burglar’s Song (Medley) – Around The UK In 7 Minutes (Live) * features excerpts from a The Burglar’s Song (Neil Finn/Liam Finn) (not Tim as credited on original release)
b Don’t Dream It’s Over (Neil Finn)
c When You Come (Neil Finn)
d Hole In The River (Neil Finn/Eddie Rayner)
e Money’s No Object (Tim Finn)
f It’s Only Natural (Neil Finn/Tim Finn)
and, uncredited on original CD release…
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (Joey Ramone)
Still Emotional (Paul Hester)
Neil Finn/Liam Finn/Eddie Rayner/Paul Hester/Tim Finn
21. I’m Still Here (full version) Paul Hester/Neil Finn/Nick Seymour
* previously released
01. Blue Smoke (home demo) Neil Finn
02. Fingers Of Love (writing demo) Neil Finn
03. Private Universe (home demo) Neil Finn
04. The Same Language As Me (live) Neil Finn
05. Tail Of A Comet (live) Neil Finn
06. Distant Sun (writing demo) Neil Finn
07 I Am In Love (band demo) Neil Finn
08. Fingers Of Love (band demo) Neil Finn
09. Fingers Of Love (alernative studio take) Neil Finn
10. Black And White Boy (early monitor mix) Neil Finn
11. Locked Out (Zen mix) Neil Finn
12. Newcastle Jam (studio version) Neil Finn/Paul Hester/Mark Hart/Nick Seymour
13. Convent Girls Neil Finn
14. Zen Roxy * Neil Finn/Mark Hart/Paul Hester/Nick Seymour
* previously released B-side
AFTERGLOW bonus disc
01. I Am In Love (home demo) Neil Finn
02. Instinct (home demo) Neil Finn
03. Spirit Of The Stairs (home demo) Neil Finn
04. I’m So Scared Of Losing I Can’t Compete (home demo) Neil Finn
05. Everything Is Good For You (home demo) Neil Finn
06. Not The Girl You Think You Are (home demo) Neil Finn
07. Anthem * Neil Finn
08. I Don’t Know You (studio demo) Mark Hart
09. Taste Of Something Divine (studio demo) Neil Finn/Mark Hart/Nick Seymour/Peter Jones/Paddy Free
10. Spirit Of The Stairs (studio demo) Neil Finn
11. Loose Tongue (rough mix) Neil Finn/Jim Moginie
12. Instinct * Neil Finn
13. Everything Is Good For You * Neil Finn
14. Not The Girl You Think You Are * Neil Finn
* previously released
TIME ON EARTH bonus disc
01. She Called Up (home demo) Neil Finn
02. A Sigh (home demo) Neil Finn
03. Here’s a Note (studio demo) Neil Finn
04. Purple Light (studio demo) Neil Finn
05. So Dramatic * Neil Finn
06. Stare Me Out (alternative version) Neil Finn
07 Distance Across (studio demo) Neil Finn
08 Lost Island * Neil Finn
09. Stare Me Out * Neil Finn
10. Bound To Rescue (home demo) Neil Finn
11. Don’t Stop Now (home demo) Neil Finn
12. Won’t Be Silent (home demo) Neil Finn/Nick Seymour
13. People Are Like Suns (piano version) * Neil Finn
* previously released
INTRIGUER bonus disc
01. Only Way To Go Is Forwards (live) Neil Finn
02. Beautiful Life (live) Neil Finn
03. Either Side Of The World (live) Neil Finn
04. Twice If You’re Lucky (live) Neil Finn
05. Bound To Rescue (live) Neil Finn
06. God Lives Over The Road (studio demo) Neil Finn
07. Isolation (studio demo) Neil Finn
08. Better Things (studio demo) Neil Finn
09. Even If (take 1) Neil Finn
10. Archers Arrows (alternative version) Neil Finn
11. Saturday Sun (alternative version) Neil Finn
12. The Intriguer (studio) Neil Finn
13. Turn It Around * Neil Finn
14. Eyes Grow Heavy * Neil Finn
15. Two Minutes Of Silence Neil Finn/Mark Hart/Nick Seymour/Matt Sherrod
16. Nonsense Of Course (medley) Neil Finn/Mark Hart/Nick Seymour/Matt Sherrod
* previously released